& Legal Research

The company provides legal research services, through the preparation of specialized legal research and studies in various branches of laws and regulations.

Real Estate

The company assists real estate unit owners in developing their commercial and investment businesses and beyond services in the field.

Legal Services

Many commercial and investment companies or businessmen may need to pursue their business and cases outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And seek advice for their business that is outside the Kingdom

Legal Management

The firm handles legal management functions for governmental, commercial and non-profit entities; Where the company conducts the business of its customers, And take care of their internal and external interests in front of all sides

Risk & Crises

The success of commercial institutions and companies depends mainly on the extent of business coordination and documentation, and the development of plans aimed at rapid response.


The company provides authentication services under a license to practice authentication work issued by the Ministry of Justice for the authentication work stipulated in the regulations of notaries and their works.

Arbitration Cases

The company pays special attention to arbitration in international, administrative, civil, commercial and engineering disputes, as well as construction contracts, as the company plays an active role in managing arbitration disputes.


Within the framework of its legal business, the company undertakes the service of managing estates, paying off debts, executing wills, counting and evaluating inheritance elements, collecting their rights, liquidating them, and dividing their assets.


The company has created the Amicable Dispute Settlement Department to be entrusted with the tasks of dispute settlement and mediation before referral to litigation or arbitration, as an alternative path to activating amicable methods at the lowest cost.


The company is aware of the changing nature of the business environment, and the pressures of competitive compliance facing all sectors, which necessitates speedy issuance and implementation of decisions, to reduce potential trade risks for companies,


The company, through a distinguished and selected group of licensed lawyers and former judges, provides judicial representation for our corporate and individual clients, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, before all judicial authorities.


Preparing all contracts and agreements of all kinds (civil, commercial and administrative) for our individual and corporate clients, reviewing and negotiating with others regarding their terms and conditions, and providing solutions and legal proposals.

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