The company has created the Department of Amicable Settlement of Disputes to be entrusted with the tasks of settling disputes and mediation before referral to litigation or arbitration, to be an alternative path to activating amicable methods at the lowest cost, while documenting all procedures to support economic and social stability, by communicating with the parties to the conflict and searching for solutions for a settlement based on systems. And regulations to achieve the principle of justice and guarantee all parties their rights by mutual consent.

Disputes are considered by a number of specialized lawyers through documented dispute settlement mechanisms. If reconciliation is reached between the parties to the dispute, this is proven by a reconciliation agreement signed by the parties to the dispute and judicially documented. This agreement has the force of an executive document.

The company adopts strategies based on speed and credit in collecting debts, whether by amicable settlement methods or by judicial collection methods, which prevents entering into random estimates and ensures obtaining debts on their due dates, which shortens time and effort, through an integrated work team specialized in taking note of procedural and professional rules. ; Beginning with the presentation of the legal settlement during the course of the proceedings.

to the mandatory implementation phases where our specialists understand that indebted clients are important and their business relationships must be protected and the assumption of good faith assesses the situation; We also understand local conditions and timelines and adapt them.

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