Within the framework of its legal work, the company undertakes the service of managing estates, paying debts, executing wills, counting and evaluating the elements of estates, collecting their rights, liquidating them, and dividing their assets, through innovative and effective technical methods, while taking the necessary procedures such as issuing the heirs deed and preparing the heirs’ net.

Until the completion of the liquidation and the transfer of ownership of the allocated shares to the beneficiaries. Preparing an action plan to end the estate liquidation procedures in a legal manner that achieves the interest of the heirs. Listing the elements of the estate, determining their locations, and detailing their types, whether they are cash in banks, shares in the Capital Market Authority, shares in companies, real estate, movables, etc., and evaluating them. Registration of wills, gifts and endowments at the notary public.

Preparing the exclusive statement of the estate’s debts and dues owed to others, determining the immediate and deferred ones, paying and collecting these debts and dues by proxy on behalf of the heirs, and dividing the common funds between the heirs in the estate through consensual or judicial liquidation.

The company, on behalf of the heirs, carries out all the legal procedures and actions necessary to liquidate the legacies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and distribute them to the beneficiaries, according to the legal shares.

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