Many commercial and investment companies or businessmen may need to follow up their business and issues outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and seek advice for their business that is outside the Kingdom, due to the large number of businesses and their preoccupation with them.

Therefore, our firm is associated with many specialized law firms that are known for their proficiency, skill, and excellence all over the world. It also has a relationship of alliance and cooperation with most offices throughout the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. We provide assistance and support to overcome obstacles and challenges in the way of business growth. Within an international horizon that transcends the boundaries of space and local obstacles.

To provide all legal services to our clients with high professionalism and lofty values for the benefit of our clients in various branches of law, and to participate in the preparation, processing and negotiation of filing international claims on behalf of our clients – if necessary – for international arbitration; Where we choose the best specialized offices in various different branches of law.

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