The company, through a distinguished group of licensed lawyers and former judges, provides judicial representation to our corporate and individual clients.

Whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, before all judicial authorities in the general judiciary or the Board of Grievances and quasi-judicial committees of various types and degrees, the Public Prosecution Office and arbitral tribunals inside and outside the Kingdom, due to our full knowledge of the laws, regulations and decisions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so we undertake the tasks of judicial representation as an agent for customers in issues.

The company provides a comprehensive legal study by analyzing documents, papers and documents, taking into account the exact details and sequence of documents and time procedures, conducting an assessment of the legal situation in the case, clarifying the strengths and weaknesses, the percentage of issuance of a judgment in favor of our client, drafting lawsuit sheets, answer and objection notes, appeal in cassation and petition for reconsideration, and do with all necessary procedures.

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