The firm handles legal management functions for governmental, commercial and non-profit entities; Where the company conducts the business of its customers, and takes care of their internal and external interests in front of all parties and individuals with complete professionalism and independence.

To maximize the benefits of our customers, by applying the relevant laws and regulations with full transparency and firmness, to achieve the goals of these entities, and to ensure that the actions taken by the departments operating in the entity are in conformity with the statutory rules so that they are immune from appeals that they subject to amendment or cancellation.

Providing reliable legal and legal advice, reviewing regulations, auditing contracts and agreements, as well as providing advice and recommendations on transactions referred to it by various departments, and drafting decisions, letters and notes that are assigned to prepare.

The company also contributes to balanced administrative decision-making derived from flexible statutory rules, and to carry out judicial representation in all cases before all judicial authorities and committees of judicial capacity.

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